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Mutual Milestones Tip: When shopping for a lender, compare interest rates and closing costs. #MutualMilestones
Mutual Milestone Tip: Apply for a business loan early before there’s an immediate need for funding. #MutualMilestones
The process of home buying can be complicated if you are not prepared. #MutualMilestones
One of the most important factors in buying a home is the type of loan you secure. #MutualMilestones
For the best outcomes, talk with someone who can address a range of disciplines within your business to ensure both a smooth transition and, ultimately, your happiness. #MutualMilestones
Start small. Your financial resolutions don't have to break the bank. #MutualMilestones
Not only does it save time and space, but at the end of the year, it’s simple to go in and pull photos straight from your phone. #MutualMilestones
Your business' succession plan should include any retirement needs and estate planning to make sure your family is able to meet any needs they may have. #MutualMilestones
Making realistic and specific financial resolutions will help you make a big impact by the end of the year. #MutualMilestones
Having a clear understanding of your finances will help eliminate stress and allow you to get your taxes in on time. #MutualMilestones
It’s critical to not only think about a succession plan but document and write out a plan that covers all your bases. #MutualMilestones
Each new year, some of the top resolutions remain the same: save more, spend less, and pay down debt. Learn how you can set and stick to your financial resolutions. #MutualMilestones
Waiting to organize your documents can make filing your taxes more stressful than they need to be. #MutualMilestones
A lot of business owners look at succession planning as a transaction instead of a long-term integrated strategy. #MutualMilestones
With a little planning and organization, you can empower yourself to set, and meet, financial resolutions for the upcoming year. #MutualMilestones
Separating documents into categories such as donations, medical receipts, or work-related expenses will help you stay organized when preparing your taxes. #MutualMilestones
When a business gives back, it does not go unnoticed. Is giving back part of your business plan? #MutualMilestones
The holidays are right around the corner. Is your budget ready? #MutualMilestones
When it comes to making charitable donations, sometimes your heart and your budget are in different places. #MutualMilestones
Your organization's charitable donations reach far beyond impacting a non-profit. #MutualMilestones
Don't let your holiday spending get out of control. Make a list and check it twice. #MutualMilestones
Planning on giving back this holiday season? A little bit of research goes a long way. #MutualMilestones
An organization's charitable gifts provide a sense of pride and fulfillment with their employees and customers. #MutualMilestones
Make a list and check it twice. Here are some more tips on managing holiday expenses. #MutualMilestones

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